BETWEEN THE EARS - Krakow Foundation for Education of Deaf People in Honor of Marek Mazurek


Our Goals:

  • Equalizing educational opportunities for deaf individuals.
  • Raising awareness about hearing impairments and advocating for hearing care.
  • Providing assistance to people with hearing disabilities.
  • Educating parents of deaf children, particularly in rural areas.
  • Offering material and non-material support to children and youth with hearing impairments.
  • Providing psychological and educational counseling for deaf individuals and their families.


The primary activities of the Foundation revolve around educational programs for deaf children, youth and adults.

Most of our projects are multimedia-based.
Educational materials developed during these projects are freely available online under the Creative Commons BY license.
The majority of these resources consist of videos with sign language interpretation.

The Foundation also develops scripts and teaching aids for educators working with deaf children.
Additionally, our projects often result in works of art, prints, and photographs.
Promoting Deaf Culture is an integral part of every project.

We speak English; please feel free to contact us!


The "Sign of Poland" project is designed for Deaf people from around the world who use International Sign Language (IS).
With this project we want to encourage all Deaf and hard of hearing people to visit Poland.

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Poland is a beautiful country where you can find many interesting places, monuments and magnificent nature.
Here you will meet friendly, open-minded people, as well as the Polish Deaf, who are happy to show you surroundings.