Między Uszami – The Marek Mazurek Foundation for the Development of the Education of the Deaf



Our goals

  • equalize of educational chances for deaf people
  • promote awareness of hearing problems and promote care for the hearing
  • to help people with deaf disabilities
  • education of parents of deaf children, especially in rural areas
  • material and nonmaterial assistance to children and youth with hearing disabilities
  • Psychological and educational counseling for the deaf and their families

Typical activities

The main activities of the Foundation are educational programs for deaf children and young people.

Most of our projects has a multimedia mode. Educational resources developed during the project are available online on the Internet for free under the Creative Commons BY. Most are videos with sign language lector.

The Foundation also creates scripts and teaching aids for teachers working with deaf children.
The result of our projects are also works of art, prints and photographs. An integral part of any project is to promote Deaf Culture.


We speak english, please do not hesitate to contact us!


e-mail: [email protected]

mobile: +48 888 98 75 27

fax: +48 12 4226822


Our Address

ul. Salwatorska 5/8,

30-109 Kraków